Behind the Meme: People’s Champion

SMC alum Alex Leavitt posted this fantastic documentary on his Tumblr. It’s a behind-the-scenes breakdown of the infamous Eli Porter rap battle, which got like 4 million YouTube hits and has been referenced by Kanye West and T-Pain, among others.

People’s Champion: Behind the Battle from Trent Babbington on Vimeo.

As Alex wisely says:

“I could say a lot about this documentary, about race, class, school life, discrimination, subculture, celebrity. And about the power of the internet as a network for recontextualization. But it really boils down to this: “There’s so much about it that’s dope, in a non-laughing-at-him kind of way. There’s something about him that I really want to listen to, regardless.”

My fascination with internet celebrity is well-documented and I’m pumped to see more stuff like this. What’s it like when something you’ve made, or been in, has the visibility of a network television show? What is it like when people know you, but you have none of the traditional trappings of fame to protect you?

Anyway, this is excellent procrastination fodder as it’s only 30 minutes long and very funny. The producers are trying to Kickstart Part II.

19 thoughts on “Behind the Meme: People’s Champion

  1. Hi Alice,

    I thought of you when I read in Digital Music News that Rebecca Black is now getting home-schooled due to excessive teasing from friends.

    The desire for fame and the path of one’s career seem to correlate somewhat with the readiness to actually engage in what it means to become famous by way of a viral force (Rebecca Black) rather than a source more in tune with the planned path of an individual (Britney Spears).

    I feel safe in positing that Rebecca Black didn’t have a strong desire for her career path to include suffering much like a social media “viral video” guinea pig, but in many ways that is why she is a very important figure in the historical timeline of social media memes. Sometimes “going viral” creates such a negative force of fame that any chance of IRL socialization becomes next to impossible. Ms. Black’s suffering is part of the viral effect.

    I can’t help but ask myself: what the fuck is this going to do to her developing brain? the faux fame, harsh ostracizing from what *must* feel to her like the *entire* world, and really *is* the world!

    Global teasing, can you imagine how bad that must feel for a teenager? I can’t, and it’s painful to try.

    I’m not entirely clear on any _original_ for posting the video, but I do know that if she had to be removed from school, it couldn’t have been a positive experience to be Rebecca Black trying to have a life as a teenager in school. I can’t help but feel compassion and sadness for her situation, even if she does not.

    Of course, others have had videos go viral without much evidence of true suffering – but Rebecca Black is an adolescent in the midst of crucial socialization years. Her brain is still forming, and it will form around the meme that she has become. Who is responsible, and why does it matter? I can’t answer that, but I turn to you for some thoughts.

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    1. I’m sure her original intentions were to become famous. She recorded the song with a vanity studio in LA which markets cheesy pop songs to teens with rich parents. Wanting to be famous is a common teen fantasy… but I think what her situation shows is that the reality of fame and the fantasy of fame have nothing to do with each other. And people who become internet famous, who are famous without the protections that money can buy, experience most of the negatives of fame (loss of privacy, haters) and few of the positives.

      I bet Rebecca Black is overall glad that she has been in a Katy Perry video, in Entertainment Weekly, etc. but the cost is having a “normal life.” When celebrities complain about their lack of a normal life, we say that they’re whining and that anyone would gladly change places with them. But someone like, say, Selena Gomez (or any other generic teen star) made a choice to audition for Disney or sign a contract to be on television or record an album. Rebecca Black made a decision to record a cheesy video, but she had no idea what would happen. The dynamics of fame are different with internet fame but we feel similarly free to make fun of the people who experience it.

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