Playing to the NYC Crowd and other SMC outings

As I hope you’ve heard by now, the SMC is publishing books like mad. Tarleton Gillespie’s Custodians of the Internet is blazing a trail through the content moderation debate, Mary Gray and Sid Suri’s Ghost Work will be out in May, and my own Playing to the Crowd has hit the road seeking readers.

In that vein, here are some upcoming public events where I will be talking about my book in NYC and its environs:


Monday October 1 @ 3-4 pm: A small book session for people who have read the book (pre-registration required) at Data & Society

Tuesday, October 2nd @ 7 pm: In conversation with Erin McKeown at Rough Trade 

Wednesday October 3 @ 12-1: Colloquium at Columbia University Communications Department, Pulitzer Hall 601B

Wednesday October 3 @ 6-9 pm: In conversation with Clive Thompson at Betaworks (register via the link)

Thursday, October 4 @ 2:50 PM – 4:10 PM: Rutgers School of Communication and Information (New Brunswick NJ)

There will be a few more talks coming up elsewhere (University of Illinois Chicago 11/29, University of Michigan 12/4, London in January, Oslo in February). If you’re interested in inviting me to talk with your folks, shoot me an email.

Hope to meet some of you there!