SMC alumnae – the comprehensive book list

Inspired by a burst of new, exciting books from some of our past postdocs and interns, we thought we’d pull all the books from our SMC alums together in one place. What a list! The books presented here cover a wide range of topics and represent the SMC’s deep interest in the sociocultural histories, meanings, and implications of technology. Authors explore the consequences of algorithmic police surveillance, map out the promise and drawbacks of smart cities, document the history of digital currency, and analyze selfie culture, among many other endeavors. All entries include links to publisher sites so you can purchase the books online – we hope that you enjoy them as much as we have!  

Mike AnannyNetworked Press Freedom: Creating Infrastructures for a Public Right to Hear from MIT Press (2018) and Bauhaus Futures co-edited with Laura Forlano and Molly Wright Steenson from MIT Press (2018)  

Sarah Brayne: Predict and Surveil: Data, Discretion, and the Future of Policing from Oxford University Press (2020) 

Kevin Driscoll: Minitel: Welcome to the Internet co-authored with Julien Mailland from MIT Press (2017) and The Modem World: A Prehistory of Social Media from Yale University Press (forthcoming March 2022) 

Megan Finn: Documenting Aftermath: Information Infrastructures in the Wake of Disasters from MIT Press (2018) 

Dan Greene: The Promise of Access: Technology, Inequality, and the Political Economy of Hope from MIT Press (2021) 

Germaine Halegoua: The Digital City: Media and the Social Production of Place from New York University Press (2020) and Smart Cities from MIT Press (2020) 

Tero Karppi: Disconnect: Facebook’s Affective Bonds from University of Minnesota Press (2018) and Undoing Networks co-authored with Urs Stäheli, Clara Wieghorst, and Lea Zierott from University of Minnesota Press (2020) 

Airi Lampinen: The Trouble with Sharing: Interpersonal Challenges in Peer-to-Peer Exchange from ‎ Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2021) 

Jessa Lingel: Digital Countercultures and the Struggle for Community from MIT Press (2017), An Internet for the People: The Politics and Promise of Craigslist from Princeton University Press (2020), and The Gentrification of the Internet: How to Reclaim Our Digital Freedom from University of California Press (2021) 

Alice E. Marwick: Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, and Branding in the Social Media Age from Yale University Press (2013) and The SAGE Handbook of Social Media co-edited with Jean Burgess and Thomas Poell from SAGE Publishing (2017) 

Shannon McGregor: Digital Discussions: How Big Data Informs Political Communication co-edited with Natalie Jomini Stroud from Routledge (2019) 

Tressie McMillan Cottom: Thick and Other Essays from The New Press (2019) and Lower Ed: The Troubling Rise of For-Profit Colleges from the New Press (2018) 

Dylan Mulvin: Proxies: The Cultural Work of Standing In from MIT Press (2021) 

Laura Norén: Toilet: Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharing co-edited with Harvey Molotch from New York University Press (2010) 

Jaroslav Švelch: Gaming the Iron Curtain: How Teenagers and Amateurs in Communist Czechoslovakia Claimed the Medium of Computer Games from MIT Press (2018) 

Lana Swartz: New Money: How Payment Became Social Media from Yale University Press (2020) and Paid: Tales of Dongles, Checks, and Other Money Stuff co-edited with Bill Maurer from MIT Press (2017) 

Katrin Tiidenberg: tumblr co-authored with Crystal Abidin and Natalie Ann Hendry from Polity Press (2021), Sex and Social Media co-authored with Emily van der Nagel from Emerald Publishing Limited (2020), and Selfies: Why We Love (and Hate) Them from Emerald Publishing Limited (2018)  

Stewart Butterfield, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons