June 2012

June 1:
DataEDGE, University of California-Berkeley
danah boyd, talk

June 22-24
Web Science, Evanston, IL
danah boyd is keynoting!

July 2012

July 2-6
Crossroads Culture Conference, Paris
Laura Noren, talk, “Professionalizing leisure: Gender, class, and commercialization on food blogs”

September 2012

Sept. 28-30
Protest on the Page: Print Culture History in Opposition to Almost Anything* (*you can think of)[pdf link], Pyle Center, Madison WI
Jessa Lingel, talk, “The Life and Death of Powerful Protest Libraries: OWS and the People’s Library”
Editorial note: how cool is the name of this conference? Srsly

August 2012

August 24
UX Week, San Francisco
danah boyd, keynote

October 2012

Oct. 17-20
Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), Copenhagen, Denmark
Elizabeth Goodman, panel, “Let’s (mis)behave: Enacting interaction design representations”
Alice Marwick, paper, “‘#IGoToASchool Where Life Revolves Around Twitter’: Teens, Twitter, and Public Participation”

Oct. 18-21
Association of Internet Researchers (AOIR), Salford, Manchester, UK
Alice Marwick, panel, “Contexts of Privacy: Understanding Privacy in Internet Participation”

October 22
World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT), Montreal
danah boyd, talk

October 24-26
Strata, New York
danah boyd, talk

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