SMC internship for the spring: on platforms / news / communities / moderation

I’m thrilled that I get to seek an additional SMC intern this year, for the spring of 2022. This would be a 12-week paid internship, like our summer gig, but running approximately March-May. Please consider applying if you want to work with me on issues around social media platforms, news curation, user communities, toxicity, or content moderation.

The ideal candidate may be trained in any number of disciplines (including communication, media studies, information science, anthropology, sociology, or a related field), but should have a strong qualitative methodological, analytical, and theoretical foundation, and be conversant with the literatures on platforms, news curation, user communities, toxicity, and content moderation. The intern may have the opportunity to interact with product teams that develop technologies for news and community engagement at a global scale.

A fuller description, along with specific instructions on how to apply, are here: APPLY HERE

The deadline is soon: February 6, 2022.

NOTE: If you already applied for the summer SMC Internship, and you want to also be considered for this, I don’t want to put you through the application process again. Let’s make it easy: just email me directly at and let me know that you want to be considered, and I’ll use the materials you already submitted.

As with our other 2022 internships, this internship will be remote. And for bureaucratic reasons, I can only consider your application if you are (1) physically located in, (2) authorized to work in, AND (3) enrolled in a university in either the U.S. or Canada, at the time of application and internship. (My apologies to this excluded by this policy. We fully expect this constraint will go away once we can have interns working in our lab again.)