Your SMC Schedule for AoIR 2022

The 2022 Association of Internet Researchers Conference is coming up and we have an especially strong contingent of SMC alumnae and current members presenting. These talks and panels cover a range of topics including visibility in underground music scenes, chronic and crip technologies, feminist approaches to disinformation studies, and the #FreeBritney campaign.  

For those of you headed to Dublin in early November, we’ve gone ahead and put together a schedule of all the SMC-affiliated speakers and organizers. We hope you enjoy some of these fantastic talks!  

Note: All times listed are in Irish Standard Time (EDT+4). The meeting room is in [brackets].  

Thursday November 3rd  

9:00am – 10:30am

Governance: Managing Digital Creation – “Mass reporting in the creator economy: Enacting and contesting platform governance” (Colten Meisner) [EQ-211] 

Hate: Hate and Conspiracy (Alice Marwick, chair) [EQ-208] 

Archives – “Unearthing the Digital Dirt: Contestation and Deletion within the Submerged State” (Muira Nicollet McCammon) [EQ-110] 

Race 1: Representing Racial Politics – “From #MelaninMansion to #BlackTikTokStrike: Black TikTok, Joy, and the Politics of Refusal” (Elena Maris) [EQ-116] 

11:00am – 12:30pm

Health 1: Digitising Health – “Viral health misinformation from Geocities to COVID-19″ (Shawn Walker) [RCQ-512] 

1:30 – 3pm

Mobile Media 1 (Stephen Yang, Chair) [EQ-116] 

3:30pm – 5:00pm

Platforms 3 – “Policing Platforms: Addressing Power and Inequalities in Platform Policies” (Robyn Caplan) [EQ-002] 

Biotech “TikTok and Tics: Three Media Theoretical Diagnoses” (Tero Karppi, Aleena Chia, chair) [CQ-310] 

Health 2: Mental Health (Katrin Tiidenberg, chair) [EQ-110] 

Friday November 4th  

9:00am – 10:30am

Care – “Enacting the Politics of Care with Chronic and Crip Technologies” (Dylan Mulvin) [EQ-117] 

Commodification: Commodities and Consumption (Lana Swartz, chair) [CQ-310] 

Roundtable: Research 1 – “The Impact of Impact: Contending with the Risks and Rewards of Public Engagement” (Kate Miltner, Elena Maris, Ysabel Gerrard) [EQ-112] 

Mobile Media 2: Liveness (Christopher Persaud, chair) – “From “Text for Location” to “No Phone on the Dance Floor”: Negotiating Visibility in Underground Electronic/Dance Music” (Stephen Yang) [EQ-203] 

11:00am – 12:30pm

Fishbowl: Research 1 – “Building (And Burning) Bridges: The Challenges and Opportunities of Research Partnerships with Government and Non-government Organisations and Industry” (Alice Marwick) [EQ-204] 

Fandoms – “#FreeBritney: Strategies of Counternarratives and Self-regulation Within Fan Activism”  (Jessa Lingel) [EQ-208]

1:30pm – 3:00pm

Histories 1 -” Internet Histories I” (Kevin Driscoll) [EQ-211] 

Games 1 – “The Engine is the message: Videogame Infrastructure and the Future of Digital Platforms” (Aleena Chia) [EQ-116] 

Creators 2 – “Platforms and the Precarity of Creator (In)visibility” (Colten Meisner) [EQ-002] 

3:30pm – 5:00pm

Dating Apps  – “‘What are you looking for?’: Sexual Imaginaries and Affordances on Grindr and Scruff” (Christopher Persaud, Calvin Liang) [EQ-203] 

Roundtable: Algorithms 2 – “Highly Recommended” (Nick Seaver, chair; co-organized by Tarleton Gillespie, not attending) [EQ-208] 

Histories 2 – “Internet Histories II” (Tero Karppi) [EQ-112] 

Protest 1: Platforms of Protest – “Platformed Solidarity: Gestural social justice through Twitter hashflags” (Kate Miltner) [CQ-311] 

Saturday November 5th  

9:00am – 10:30am

Privacy 2: Privacy and Surveillance (Jessa Lingel, chair) [CQ-009] 

Toxic Turn – “The Toxic Turn? Conceptual and Methodological Advances on Problematic Contents on Social Media” (Shawn Walker) [EQ-211] 

Cultures: Cultures and Communities – “Hybrid Constellations: Examining Social Media’s Role in the Montreal Lesbian Social Scene” (Stefanie Duguay) [EQ-203] 

Platforms 4 – “Locating and Theorizing Platform Power” (Robyn Caplan) [CQ-006] 

11:00am – 12:30pm

Disinformation 3 – “Feminist Approaches to Disinformation Studies” (Alice Marwick) [CQ-105] 

Roundtable: Intimacies 2 – “Platform Intimacies” (Stefanie Duguay) [EQ-203] 

Health 4 – “Social Media and Mental Wellbeing” (Katrin Tiidenberg) [EQ-204]